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Fill out your profile below and then pick a class you would like to attend. Once you fill out the profile and hit submit it will forward you to our schedule page. Once on the schedule page simply pick the class you would like to attend and check out. Be sure and pick the “free week trial.” Each class is 45 minutes be sure and wear comfortable shoes and eat a little something at least 45 minutes before coming to class. After you have tried a few of our classes the first thing to do is ask a fit forward representative to get you enrolled in a membership. Once you are a member we will do your free fitness assessment and goal setting. Assessments are done through out the week. This is where a certified Fit Forward  Trainer will take your measurements, Body Fat and do your goal setting.   We tell everyone to try and come at least three times a week or more. If you follow this training program and our nutrition guide lines, you will experience all the health related benefits of physical activity. The results you are looking for will be yours.

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