DAILY MEAL PLAN              
  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8  
  chicken breast   sweet potatoe   asparagus   APPLES   almonds   advocare   hydrolised protein   Note: can   
  chicken salad   brown rice   bean sprouts   banana   walnuts   isopure   isolate protein   be added  
  turkey breast    beans   kale   berries   pecans   cytosport   Note: just make sure    to any   
  lean ground turkey   steel cut oatmeal   brocolli   cherries   macadamia   lean body   it's one of these two   meal in  
  lean ground chicken   quinoa   cabbage   grapefruit   brazil    healthy and fit    kinds of protein.   moderation  
  bison   potatoe   collards greens   kiwi   pistachio           almond milk  
  lean beef    squash   carrots   canalope   cashews       20/24 gram per serv.   mustard  
  cod fish   yam   cauliflower   honeydew   sunflower           vinegar  
  tuna   bake, steam, boil,grill   carrots   nectarine   pumkin           spices  
  tuna salad       cucmbers   orange   raw/           lemon juice  
  orange roughy       eggplant   pineapple   un-salted           lime juice  
  salmon       green beans   plums               mrs. Dash  
  scallops       lettuce   strawberries               salsa  
  swordfish       bochchoy   grapes               sald dressing  
  halibut       mushrooms   mango                (oil based,  
  tilapia       onions   peach               rules apply)  
  lean turkey sausages       radishes   pear                  
  egg whites       scallions   peppers                  
  boil,bake,broil,grill,steam       spinach   star fruit                  
  boil,bake,broil,grill,steam       zuchinni   tomatoe                  
          arugula   fresh                  
          bbrussel sprouts                      
          hearts of palm                      
          swiss chard                      
  Meal #1   Meal #2   Meal #3   Meal #4   Meal #5     pre or post workout        
  1,2,4 or   1.4 or   1,2,3 or   1,4 or 7,4 or   1,3, or     post -workout/imediatlly after training        
  6   5   6   5   6     pre- workout/ 30 minutes before training        
RULES                   SUPPLEMENTS:(always consult phasician)    
*eat meals every 2-3 hours               Weight Loss          
*you may have not have column 6 more than twice daily           Active Lifestyles        
* you may not have column 5 more than once daily           Wellness Supplements      
                      Performance Elite         
1.AVOID TOXIC FOODS               Shop Entire Product Line Here!      
*vegetable seed oils(soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, canola oil)                      
*added sugar(sodas, candies, cakes, fruit juices) some sugars from natural sources like fruits are ok              
* sources of dairy high in protein(casein) and sugar(lactose) and low in healthy butter fat                  
2.EAT NUTRIENT-RICH FOODS               Resources:          
*meats(preferably grass fed or non hormone) particularly organ meats         Calorie Calculator          
*leafy green vegetables(chard,spinach,kale,arugula,cabbage,bochchoy…)         Water Calculator          
*seafood                   PALEO RECIPES          
*eggs                   GLUTEN FREE RECIPES      
*fermented foods(sauerkraut,kimchi….)               VEGETARIAN RECIPES      
*drink plenty of water see how much here!               VEGAN RECIPES        
3. PROMOTE A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM                      
*get frequent sun exposure or take vitamin D                        
*reduce and manage stress in your life                          
*implement healthy sleeping habits(try and get 8 hours a night)                      
*exercise regularly